Beyond Beautiful

I am no stranger to the struggle with self esteem.
For years I sought to be perfect.
What is that anyways?
I’ve come to the conclusion that perfection is merely perception.
Throughout the years I would peer into the mirror and immediately begin to point out imperfections…
Why am I so pale?
Ugh! My face is so round.
Ewww look at my eczema!
My waist is too big.
You can still see my stretch marks!
My hair sucks.
…I would only see what was wrong. Time and time again I would torment myself with these thoughts, with these words. I found myself depressed. Seemingly happy to everyone else but inside, I was screaming.

It didn’t matter how I styled my hair. It didn’t matter the clothes I wore. It didn’t matter what makeup products I used. It didn’t matter how many meals I skipped. I had this image in my mind of what it was to be physically perfect. An image I always seemed so far from. An image I would never allow myself to become. Why? Because I constantly fed myself lies. Lies that would echo over and over and over. Lies that were louder than everything else.
Something happened.
An experience I’ll never forget.
I’ll spare the details but in short, I broke.
And it was in the midst of that breaking point that my perception changed. I was no longer trying to attain this false notion of perfection. Instead I began to embrace every part of who I was.
Physically, mentally, spiritually.

Now when I look into the mirror I smile and say all my amazing attributes. I remind myself that I am a work in progress rather than the thought of perfection. Once I changed my perception, I came to find that I am beautiful. And so are each and every one of you! We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. There is nothing about us that is accidental. So stop! Stop filling yourself with lies and focus on the truth. Because the truth is, you are beyond beautiful.



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