I Want My Bed Back

PicsArt_12-16-09.36.21Last night Elijah went to bed in his room. Like most nights, he sneaks into our bed before morning. Sometimes we don’t even hear him, we just wake up to him snuggled between us.

My husband has this joke that it’s my fault since I let him sleep in the bed when he was a baby. Needless to say this has been happening almost all his life. But for the past year or so I’ve been struggling with this internal battle. Time and time again I find myself thinking, “I want my bed back.” This morning I had that same thought, except this time, something happened….

I looked at my three year old son and saw him as a man. BAM! The tears just started streaming down my face. My son is growing up, he’s growing up fast. One day he will leave his father and I to be joined together with his wife. One day he will be a parent as well. One day he’ll want his bed back too.

The days may seem long, some longer than others. But the years are short. One day Elijah won’t want to, “Snuggle on Mommy and Daddy’s bed.”
So for now, I’ll silence that selfish thought.
For now, I’ll embrace each and every snuggle.
For now, he can sneak into our bed all he wants.
After all, we have a king size bed, there’s plenty of room.


One thought on “I Want My Bed Back

  1. Not feeling you Kim! – Second message I read & second time YOU make a nod on my throat wanting to cry but can’t because I am at work…. Love you ANYWAYS!! LoL…And, yes I am totally with you, we have to embrace these moments that will never come back only in our memories. In my case with my Negrito I want to embrace every kiss, every hug, every moment, and every “Mami, I love you from here to Iron Man & Spiderman” that I get from my Austin. Love him so MUCH!


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