Power Off

Guilty pleasures. We all have them. Admittedly, I have several. Those who know me personally are well aware that my cell phone is my most guilty pleasure. It provides me with the ability to call, text, check my emails, take photos, search the web, but most of all it provides unlimited access to social media.

Each and every day I’m either sharing something or seeing what someone else has shared. I enjoy seeing photos of my friends and family, reading scriptures and other quotes even mouthwatering meals, especially mouthwatering meals (favorite recipes blog coming soon). One day while scrolling, a thought occurred to me…What are we missing in reality while we’re busy catching up virtually?

Social media has such power but I’ve come to believe that it’s potential isn’t exactly ideal. In fact, it has made most of us rather impractical. I’m guilty of this (more than I’d like to admit). I love social media. You name it, most likely I have it. But how terrible would it be if at the end of our lives we realize that we spent more time on social media rather than being social, physically communicating with those closest to us. Society has conditioned us to constantly desire social media. We cannot go a day without sharing our thoughts on Facebook, posting a photo on Instagram, retweeting our favorite quote on Twitter. While we’re almost never absent virtually, we’re almost never present in reality.

Our cell phones can be massively helpful but they can also tremendously hinder. They take away too much time from today, from right now, from this moment and the thing is, my followers on Instagram and Twitter aren’t going to remember me when I’m gone but Elijah and Ethan will. Facebook is fun but my sons are what matter. How dare I deprive them of making memories with me because I’m too busy scrolling through social media.

Do you seem to be struggling with the same situation or something similar? If so I’d like to challenge you. For the next two weeks, set aside two hours every day to power off. Disconnect to reconnect because the greatest present is our actual presence.



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