Elijah’s Gift

Yesterday while running errands Elijah stumbled across a section of flowers and stopped. He looked around in amazement then fixed his eyes on a specific set of flowers. “Mommy! These flowers will be perfect for you! They’re beautiful…like you.” He grabbed the flowers and proudly walked towards the cashier and said, “I want to buy these for my Mommy!” Although I was the one who actually paid, Elijah bought my first bouquet of flowers this year. Please do not misunderstand, my husband purses me and surprises me with gifts countless times throughout the year, just not with flowers. While I think flowers can be breathtaking, they are not my thing. Correction. They weren’t my thing.

In my last blog I finally shared my silent struggle with postpartum depression. Within this previous post I explained that my days fluctuate between great and terrible. Yesterday was terrible. Well, it started off terrible.

Time and time again this little angel of mine takes these little moments and marks my heart. He had no idea how hard it was for me to get out of bed, how heavy I had been feeling all morning, how pessimism had been consuming me but his little gesture of love erased every negative emotion and every negative thought. Acts of kindness, no matter how simple and no matter how small, are significant. Elijah’s gift has been a gift that keeps on giving. Not the beautiful bouquet currently bringing life into our living room but his kindness, his pure heart, his desire to see his Mommy happy.

When a child gives you something, something as small as a pebble or a beautiful bouquet of flowers, embrace it and encourage it because they are our future and the world needs their kindness.




14 thoughts on “Elijah’s Gift

  1. This is such a beautiful story. Elijah sounds like a beautiful boy and it is so amazing to watch children grow and show the more tender sides of their personalities – especially when we need them the most


  2. It’s amazing how much kids can do to make their parents feel so much better about themselves. I think this was such a sweet gesture from your son. May he continue to be sweet as he grows up.


  3. I suffer from depression and one of the things that keep me going whenever I feel down are my kids. They do so much for me and they don’t even know it. I think it’s amazing how much happiness and love they bring into our lives!


  4. How sweet! I call my daughter a sour patch kid because first she is a little terror and sour and then she turns into a sweet little thing. lol The days fluctuate but they are always filled with love.


  5. Aww your son is really sweet, I would have shed a tear or two if that were my son. What an affectionate child you are raising! He really has a pure heart and if any child has such, it must be embraced!


  6. Love this! So sweet! Boys are so sweet to their mamas when they get that same love and affection back and it sounds like he absolutely adores you. Depression is horrible. I too have suffered. Continue to take it day by day. 🙂


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