Sometimes I feel lost
Sometimes I feel alone
Sometimes I feel empty
Sometimes I want to run away from home
Sometimes I yell
Sometimes I scream
Sometimes I curse
Sometimes I’m just mean
Sometimes I’m unhappy
Sometimes I lose all hope
Mommy has been thrown some curve balls
Most I pray you’ll never know
Sometimes I’m overwhelmed
Sometimes I’m confused
Sometimes I cry because I just don’t know what else to do
Sometimes I forget
Sometimes I fail
Sometimes I feel defeated
But He reminds me I will prevail
There will be many ‘sometimes’ throughout this game called life
But for you, I would go through it all twice
I wish I could be perfect, especially for you
But I hope one day you’ll understand there’s nothing I wouldn’t do
It’s not always easy
But I will always fight
I’ll mess up time and time again
But I promise it will be alright
For now just take my hand
Walk with me just like God has planned
I still have much to learn, that I can admit
But I must be good enough because He saw me fit
So walk with me, there’s still a long way to go
By your side I will stay
Until the day God calls me home




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