It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Marie

It’s the holiday season and very close to the end of the year! Probably one of the most hectic but exciting times of the whole year…We’re gearing up to be with family and celebrate the holidays together, along with tying up whatever loose ends we need to take care of before the year ends. With all the excitement, there’s a sense of scrambling or crunch time to get things done. Haven’t we scrambled enough throughout the year?? Let this be a time of joy, love and reflection.

Take this time to look back and jot down notes of what has worked, what hasn’t, what goals were met, and which ones weren’t and why? Taking a stroll down memory lane can take you from living in the now/present and help you remember some of your happiest moments throughout this year and who or what were apart of those moments… Often times we are so caught up in our present that we forget all we have to celebrate and be thankful for.Sure, there are times of hardship and disappointment in any year, but getting through it is something to be celebrated! Be thankful for the good and the bad, they both have brought happiness and growth. This may be “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and the outlook on your year will reflect if you will be in a bu-humbug spirit or a cheerful one.

I choose to be in a cheerful spirit and take on an attitude of gratitude. I appreciate those that have remained close to me, my wonderful little family, a good job, a home, new opportunities to look forward to, and most of all I serve a God who loves me to no end! There is something great about knowing that you are loved, given a limitless amount of grace, knowing he will catch me when I fall, and he is faithful even when I am not. One BIG, BOLD & CLEAR thing about this time of year, is that I have made it through this entire year and He is still by my side, despite all the faults and failures there have been and for that I am grateful!

I encourage you to truly approach life with an attitude of gratitude and discover what “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” means to you…

Freckled Marie
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