The Late Hours

It’s 2am. I can hear the pitter-patter of little feet gradually getting louder. A small shadow appears in the door way and a voice whispers, “Can I sleep in your bed?” It’s my son. My four-year-old son.
“What’s wrong baby?”
“I’m scared.”
I cannot count the amount of times this has happened. Sometimes even seven days a week. My son wakes in fear and rushes to Mommy and Daddy seeking comfort, wanting us to shield him and protect him. From what, I honestly don’t know. He only ever says, “I’m scared.” He lays beside us and we hold him close until he’s sound asleep again.

Just like my four-year-old, fear finds me in the late hours of the night too. In the silence, I am forced to face all the things I’ve suppressed throughout the day. Each one suddenly exposed. Are we safe? Are we secure? Did we remember to lock the door? Are all the windows shut? Are my son’s okay? Are their peaceful dreams being invaded? The what if’s and the maybe’s. All the sick, twisted thoughts we refuse to say out loud, those are the thoughts that cross my mind. The thoughts that grip me. The thoughts that keep me up. The thoughts that overwhelm me.

If I’m being honest, there are nights that I try to push pass the fears on my own; nights that I try to combat them with my own strength. But the truth is, alone, I am weak. I have to tap into the power of Jesus Christ within me. I have to lay it all down and believe that God is standing guard over my family.

Just like my son, who knew the ones he could go to, I need to know the One I can go to.

“God will cover you and protect you, under His wings you will find refuge, His faithfulness is a shield and wall. You will not be afraid of the terror of the night…nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness.” – Psalm 91:4-7

Yes, it is our job to care for our children but it also our job to surrender the situations we cannot control to the One that is in control.

When fears threaten to flood your mind during the late hours of the night, remember that God is never too far from you. Seek Him and He will shelter you.




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