I Will Still Be There

Yesterday was the first day of March which means we’re days away from celebrating Elijah’s 5th birthday. Sometimes it seems more like he’s four going on fifteen, especially lately. Lately he’s really been testing my patience. But in the process, he’s also been teaching me.

Some days are perfect and some days I lose count of the times I have to say, “Stop! Don’t do that. You know better!” Just this week we were playing in the yard. There’s this particular part where he loves to go exploring, it’s not a bad place to play but the ground is just extremely uneven and the inconsistencies usually cause him to trip and fall.

While we were playing, he wanted to go exploring and even though I told him not to go there, off he went and bam, he trips. “Elijah if you would’ve just listened to Mommy then that wouldn’t have happened! Come here, let me check your legs.” As I rubbed his knees I felt this still, small voice say, “Exactly.”

How many times has God told us, “No, don’t go there…No, don’t do that…No, don’t say that…No…No…No…Believe me, I only want what’s best for you…Trust me, I don’t want you to get hurt” and yet we still do it?

I’m sure God has lost count of the times he has had to tell me, “Stop! Don’t do that. You know better!” There are places and people and situations He has instructed me to avoid. If I’m honest, I haven’t always listened and more often than not my disobedience lead to distress. But just as I comforted my son, God comforted me. Even after I explicitly said not to go, I was still there. Even after God commanded me not to do something, He was still there. Just as I hugged Elijah and kissed his boo boo, God embraced me and healed me from my brokenness.

I would prefer that Elijah not play in that particular part of the yard but when he does and when he falls, I will be there.
And when I fall, as I surely will, God will be there.

And He will be there for you too!


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