While Ellie Sleeps

Day One
Her body full of bruises
Her spirit surely shattered
But she was still here, that is what matters
Drifting in and out of sleep
The only clear sound is when the heart monitor beeps
A sudden chill down her spine when she realizes, “That pulse…it’s mine!”
Instantly her tears start to stream
I shouldn’t be here! I did it! I was free! I shouldn’t be here! Why didn’t You take me?”

Day Three
Coma, that’s what the doctors call it
An extended unconscious state
No way of truly knowing her fate

Day Twelve
He holds her hand and silently prays
Asking God why He allowed their paths to cross that day
The image permanently sketched in his mind
Like a movie he’s watched a million times
He saw her in the distance, speeding down the street
When her car went over, he followed the streams
It lead him to a beach and there her body laid
To think he almost didn’t take his usual walk that day
Another man spotted her body and called 911
He sighed in relief unaware that their journey together had only just begun
Compelled by his need to know why
He told the medics he was a friend
But Ellie had never met this guy

Day Twenty-Five
He’s still by her side

Day Thirty 
The doctors strongly advise against keeping his hopes high
But something in him knew God didn’t want her to die
Suddenly her finger wiggled
His eyes opened wide, he let out a small giggle
She could feel the warmth of his hand on hers
But she cannot see, her vision is blurred
“Please wake up” she hears him say
Who is this man?
The answer to that is for another day

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7 thoughts on “While Ellie Sleeps

  1. Oh Kimberly as your story unfolds I could barely read for the tears in my eyes. I feel the pain and uncertainty yet there is great expectations….great hope!
    What talent and the suspense is overwhelming……
    You are such a blessing!!❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] “Please wake up,” she hears him say Who is this man? She cannot recognize his face “She opened her eyes! She opened her eyes!” Instantly he dashes off out of sight As he leaves, another person takes his place Ellie could never forget this face “Ellie, can you hear me?” “Aubrey?” Her words muffled, her voice low “Ellie! You had us worried you know? Why would you do this? I don’t understand….” Aubrey’s words became faint All Ellie could think of was that man “Aubrey, who is that guy?” “You don’t remember him Ellie? He hasn’t left your side” […]


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