Ellie’s Disaster

Emmett was a great man with a troubled past
“You’re just going to end up just like your dad”
Those words he would never allow to come to pass
His father was a great guy, truly loving and kind
But when he got to drinking, he’d really lose his mind
Fist fighting with his wife, cursing at the children
It was hard to remember that the alcohol was the reason
He remembers very vividly prying them apart
Seeing his mother all bruised up really broke his heart
His father left that day, never to be seen again
He thought it marked a new start
But it was really the beginning of the end
Later that year his sister took her own life
Two months later alcohol became his mother’s vice
Ironic, isn’t it?
Actually, it’s full circle
Began with a glass of vodka, ended with one too
To stop this cycle, he knew what he had to do
Lakewood was the town
A place light would surely abound
A place the darkness would cease to exist
A place he could truly persist
A place where he would finally be free
At least initially, that’s how it seemed
He saw her coming, the car going faster and faster
Before he knew it, he was witnessing Ellie’s disaster
Over the cliff her car dove and with it all the wounds of his past exposed

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24 thoughts on “Ellie’s Disaster

  1. you have a way with words, it makes it sound poetic. i feel like this was full of so much raw emotions. beautifully written. as sad as it is its still very beautiful.


  2. You’re very talented. I believe many people who can relate to this poem all too well. It’s actually quite scary how many people can understand it.


  3. You’ve really had me hooked with all your stories and I was very excited to read this one today. You are a gripping writer and I can’t wait for more!


  4. You are so very talented! I had to go back one and now I am really intrigued! Great job captivating your audience!


  5. This is a great poem that tells a story. You’re very talented. I would find it so hard to write in this way.


  6. […] “It was like a scene from a horror movie Except it wasn’t a movie, it was real life And it was happening right before my eyes I saw you speeding down the street I stood there watching as your car took that leap About an hour later you washed up on the beach Another man spotted you and quickly called 911 I just had to see how it ended because I saw how it begun I was here the day they brought you in And every day after My name is Emmett, Emmett Lancaster“ […]


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