Ellie and the Bride

The day had finally come
The day two people would become one
It would be a traditional wedding, down to a T
Well, all but one thing
The arches reaching the highest levels
The edge of the aisles coated in petals
The bridesmaids dressed in hues of blue
The church full of people, exactly 102
The soft smell of gardenia floating around the room
And waiting at the altar was the handsome groom
It was just about time for the ceremony to begin
And that’s when sadness finally sank in

She slowly opened the door
Only to find the bride curled up on the floor
“Elsie, are you okay?”
“It’s not fair! He should be here today!”
Ellie held back her tears as she tried to find the words to say
But she understood, no father should miss their daughter’s wedding day
She wrapped her arms around her tight
She expected a breakdown at some point that night
Ellie knelt down and pulled Elise near
Then softly whispered, “He is, he is here…
…he may not be here to walk you down the aisle but heaven has the perfect view, the perfect view for Daddy to see you say ‘I do’”

The wedding started off with a bit of a delay
But the rest was perfect, in almost every way


“Today was beautiful, I’m certain you would’ve cried
Can’t believe our baby girl got married tonight
She was the last one, they’re all officially on their own
Now I have to go back to an empty home
How do I go back there? What am I supposed to do?
It’s not fair Emmett, I should be sharing this time with you”


14 thoughts on “Ellie and the Bride

  1. What do I say, that I haven’t said before..
    You keep pulling me back for more. Love your talent and your words are full of emotions that helps your readers to share in the experience.


  2. Beautifully written. It’s sad when one is gone and can not come to major life events. I love the last paragraph though because you never really think of it from that side.


  3. This made me miss my parents so much. The poem definitely made me emotional, it is painful to not have your father or mother during your special day. But I think the most painful was the last bit about the mom coming home to an empty house.


  4. Well, now i need a good cry! This was incredibly beautiful and heartwrenching. I always feared that my mom wouldn’t make it to my wedding day as she had healthy issues, but actually missing one parent on such a big day? I feel for your family….


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