Ellie’s Date

There was a knock at the door
Her heart began to race
She closed her eyes, “Relax, it’s just a date”
He knocked once more
She opened her eyes then rushed the door
Their eyes met
A moment she would never forget
It wasn’t the first time
But it was her favorite time
He had dark brown eyes and yet they were bright
Almost 6 feet in height
Olive skin and perfect teeth
But what made him most attractive was everything underneath
He was smart and strong and wise
He allowed God to guide
He saw beauty in just about anything
Atmosphere’s would shift because of the joy he’d bring
He loved adventures
He loved to explore
Oh what she would give for more…
More years
More months
More weeks
More days
More mintues
More seconds


She disappeared into her room
Away from her house full of guests
She closed her eyes
She took a deep breath
There she laid in the bed they once shared
Still in disbelief that he’ll never again be there
Mourning hadn’t kicked, at least until that day
The day she said goodbye to the man who changed her life in every way


14 thoughts on “Ellie’s Date

  1. I love love. It can break you and it can make life so much more. I saw in the comments that he is dead, and that’s sad. But I hope the journey there was good for her.


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