What readers have to say about Kimberly

“Kimberly has a beautiful way of connecting with her readers. By sharing her thoughts and experiences, she is able to make people feel less alone. By facing her own truth, she allows people to comfortably touch on the parts of their own story that has made them feel afraid or guilty – making us all realize that the uncomfortable parts of us are the parts that make us whole. She connects faith with truth inspiring even the least religious people to find their own pathway and to reach out and find God.”
– Arielle Diaz (Actress/Activist)

“Kim is such a gifted writer who writes from her heart. She touches on many of our own personal struggles as well as others. Her blog is so encouraging and inspiring. She is one of the strongest women I know who’s writings reflect the beauty she has within as well as the light she brings to peoples lives. I admire her courage and strength especially being able to share with the world.”
– Shanell Leidecker (SAHM)